Mapa Ceara

Brazil and Lagoinha

Bemvindos no Brasil!

Brazil, sixteen times as large as France, is in itself a continent in the South American immensity.
The exuberance of nature is matched only by the variety of its landscapes, and it is on the east coast you will find countless kite spots, spread over nearly 2000 km of beach, crossing the states Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara, Piaui and Maranhao.
In this sunny and beautiful by natureBrazil, it is in Ceara that you will find the most windy spots, beautiful white sand beaches, wild, huge, virgin, for the pleasure of the eyes and senses.
Dunes, fresh water lagoons, tall coconut trees, orange cliffs, air and water at the ideal temperature, the scenery is total and all invites to relaxation and well-being.
Beyond the ideal conditions for kiting, you will succumb to the charms of Brazil enjoying a caipirinha or a fresh fruit juice at sunset, eat grilled fish and freshly caught seafood in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the friendliness of its inhabitants !

Spots and navigation conditions:

The Ceara, and particularly Lagoinha, are swept by trade winds, strong and particularly constant wind from Africa, reinforced by the thermal winds, blowing with an average of 20 to 28 knots much of the year (July to January).
The wind conditions are excellent from morning until sunset and are suitable for beginners and experienced.
The wind is side-on on the beach of Lagoinha where you will find freeride conditions; for waves you will go to the right of the bay, to the beach of Porto Velho, and for flat water to the Jegue lagoon.
Unless you prefer to explore the surrounding beautiful spots during downwinds.

The best months to go:


Wind conditions (on average over the year)

-Types of spots :
• Free riding
• Flatwater
• Waves
Wind strength:
Wind Reliability:
Ideal for …
For the family:
Other activities: excursions, surfing, capoeira, samba, yoga …

The Windguru datas are undervalued because ignoring the thermal wind, add 6-7 knots on these forecasts.

The best times:

From July to January: A sustained and constant wind sweeps Lagoinha Bay, giving it excellent wind 7 months statistics, with an average of more than 27 days per month of wind higher or equal to 4 strength!
March-June: rainy season. In February, the conditions are still good and that is the carnival, mid-February, just close the season.


Carnival: The carnival marks the end of the season, it’s a full week festival which hosts several thousands of people from the surrounding area;
Late July: Regata da Lagoinha: Ceara traditional event of the calendar, it’s a Jangadas race(traditional boats) over several days where the animation is in full swing;
October: Festa do Camurupim in Guajiru the neighboring village, in homage to the big fish “Camurupim” typical of the region, delicious fish to cook with large transparent white scales used to make jewelry and decorative items.
December 24 to January 3: Christmas holidays and New Year’s Day, celebrated on the beach and punctuated by a beautiful firework display of the orange dune and attract thousands of people from the area and the major cities of Brazil, dressed in white for the occasion.