Beyond kite lessons, Kite-On is also a social and supportive company with a Franco-Brazilian team which provides support to the local population and people in difficulty in different forms:

– A social project which offers free capoeira lessons with the clothes offered for the children of the village, Agita Lagoinha, bringing them culture, education, supervision, physical and artistic activity;
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– A project to discover kite activity for children and adolescents, who are admitted if they are in school or do the necessary to be again, which allowed us to put some of them back on the way to school and understand the value of it when family support is absent;

– Kite-On is also a partner of the project of Yann Dejou, kite instructor based in Guyana, which offers tandem kites for disabled adults or children or for people who do not yet know how to practice and want to test the feeling of sliding.