Capoeira enfants Zoé

Cearà in Brazil’s Northeast, is full of beautiful and varied locations, ensuring exoticism, relaxation and authenticity, ideal for discovering many sporting activities;
differently discover Brazil, the splendor of its landscapes and the powerful revitalizing energy of its fresh and salted waters, traveling with Kite-On.

Choose “a la carte” or opt for ZEN, Sensaçao or Emoçao packs and mix as you wish the different activities offered in addition to the kite: Yoga, Fitness, Stretching, Capoeira, Excursions …:

All activities are offered by professional actors whose goal is to share their passion with you!

Yoga oct4

Yoga classes are collective or individual, on a basis of a course per day or more according to your desires (7, 10h of classes card or more).

Fitness and Samba: To mix according to your desires: Strength training, Abs-Buttocks, Dance (Ragga, Hiphop, Samba (this is the perfect time and a nice souvenir to bring back from your holidays), Zumba, ShBam, Aerobics, Stretching.

Stretching for Kiters: Essential for kiters to stay fit and able to kite all week without injury and without accumulating fatigue, learning to stretch yourself and adjust the equipment to prevent joint and muscle disorders, to reset muscle tension after each session.

Capoeira: Kite-On offers introductory courses where you will discover this Brazilian martial art (another very typical souvenir to take in your suitcase !!) through the motions (the game), the roda (Round formed by all participants), music (singing and instruments), and also the history of capoeira, its origin and its evolution, inseparable from the Brazilian history.

Apresentaçao lagoinha Pedro

Opportunity to participate in advanced courses and events in the region.

The “passeos” or excursions: they are generally made by quad or buggy, with or without a guide, and allow you to discover magnificent sites such as the Almecegas Lagoon, a freshwater lagoon surrounded by the splendid tropical vegetation of its fazenda installed on its banks, Flexeiras, beautiful beach with crystalline water, Munda˙, a turquoise lagoon opening onto the sea, a breathtaking beauty ….