Kite On, Kite surfing school in Lagoinha Brazil
You do not want this happen to you? Come and learn with Kite On

Kitesurfing lessons schedule

Supervised by a highly qualified instructor and rich of 8 years of experience, our team consists of professional and experienced IKO certified instructors – (International Kiteboarding Organization, the World Reference), nice and dynamic, ensuring your safety and progression; lessons are provided with last generation Slingshot new equipment adapted to the learning and progress of everyone.
Each course is personalized to allow everyone to achieve its objectives, with a reassuring frame, wether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or already semi-professional rider 😉

At most, you will be two students per instructor.
At the end of your stay, an IKO card will be given to you to certify your level of practice.
We follow precisely the IKO standards to first ensure your safety and then your progress, so you can quickly become an independent kiteboarder.
We also organize training sessions for IKO Assistant Instructors (AIC).
Novices can try for free for 15 min a small kite to learn the activity and understand the basics of kite flying.

Course Content:

Phase 1 – Kite Control (2 to 4 hours) on the beach

  • Choose the practice area
  • The basics of flyting the kite
  • Control systems
  • Power control

Phase 2 – Bodydrag (2 to 4 hours) into the water

Phase 3 – Waterstart (2 to 4 hours) with the board

  • Pre-waterstart practice and waterstart
  • Consistent riding on both side

Then …. riding upwind. Turn.  Self launching. Basic jump
And much more, freestyle courses for advanced riders!
We offer lessons in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish … and downwinds for more experienced riders.
We also organize sessions of IKO Assistant Instructors (AIC Assistant Instructor Course) training.

Maelstorm by Kite On